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We are a Digital Marketing Agency based in London

Our vision is to make high-quality marketing solutions accessible to SME business owners. So that they may know, as much as anyone else, what it is to have an impact on the world.

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It's time to readjust! Work with a Results-Driven Digital Marketing Agency.

Whether it's adjusting to a post covid world, becoming a figure of authority in your niche, or getting leads online. More people are looking to Digital Marketing Agencies to develop their digital presence.
Learn more about how GD Canvas has helped businesses readjust to compete in a fast-paced digital world.

Web Design & Development

Impress your potential clients and your team with a cutting ege bespoke website.

Search Engine Optimisation

Attract organic traffic and rank well on the worlds leading search engines.

Pay Per Click Ads

Generate leads and drive sales with an effective paid ads strategy.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Agency

Our brand strategists help increase your conversions and compel your customers to buy or take action through creative copy, visually stunning branded graphics, and clear calls to action.

Data Driven Solutions
We use data to build actionable insights, impactful campaigns and meaningful relationships.
Bespoke Digital Strategy
Explore technology leveraging strategies that will give your company a competitive advantage and increased exposure.
Long Term R.O.I
As your brand is cultivated, your digital presence will become an increasingly essential to driving up your bottom line.
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We blend eye catching design, forward thinking technology and innovation to empower our clients with top class marketing solutions.

Cutting-Edge Design
Flawless UX design that is bound to impress both your clients and your team.
Forward-Thinking Tech
Gain a competitive advantage in a fast-paced digital world.
Unrelenting drive that brings forth fresh and exciting ideas.


Businesses we've worked with. We're an agency you can trust.

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TWN Group

Working with GDC has been a real value add to our channel and user feedback has been positive. We can really count on them.

Tyrone Banks
TWN Group
BlueBird Vibes

GD Canvas helped us build a beautiful website to showcase our mindfulness tools. Both our customers and staff were wow'd.

John Maguire
BlueBird Vibes
Rockingham Watches

Our e-commerce site was set up flawlessly and working in time for launch. I would definitely recommend GD Canvas.

Marc Louwes
Rockingham Watches
Jamm Rekk

GD Canvas is a great SEO company to work with. We have had a noticeable increase in inbound calls.

Sam Edwards
Jamm Rekk
Moncharm Wine Traders

After a bad experience with another marketing agency, GD Canvas was a God send for us. Transparent and professional. They have been top class from the very moment we shared our plans and concerns with them.

Atalay Mustafa
Moncharm Wine Traders

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