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We are a Pay-Per-Click Ads Agency In London that focuses on using paid advertisements as a more direct way of generating leads and new business.

Generate High Quality Leads At Low Cost.

Pay-Per-Click Advertisement is an easy way for a business to direct traffic to a company's website or landing pages to generate leads. It opens up the avenue to optimise lead generation funnels. The traffic can be monitored and the interactions with the web pages can be analysed. This provides useful data when considering how to make each page more effective at converting visitors.

Targeted Advertisment
When using Paid-Per-Click ads you can control the specific demographics of the audiences that your ads would target. This is effective when looking to best utilise your budget for the best possible result.
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Cost Effective
With a set budget in place, estimates can be made about the outreach potential of each campaign. Making it easier to calculate conversion rates, how many leads will be generated, cost per lead and any other data that gives insight into how much each campaign will cost, long before it has even launched.
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Using heat mapping software. As well as comparing data retrieved from multiple landing pages. PPC ads will provide the kind of exposure that feeds data collection streams. Allowing for more informed data-driven decision making.
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Pay-Per-Click Ads

Google Ads Campaigns That Work

We work with Google to create fully customised Pay-Per-Click Ad campaigns that work.
Using their software, we can target ads specifically to demographics that we know have an interest in your product or service and then send them to a landing page that is optimised to generate the highest quality leads.

Over time as this funnel is refined, we expect the cost per lead to gradually decrease. Making this a sustainable way to generate fresh leads for your team.

Google Ads
The Google Ads platform provides a comprehensive platform whereby we can both organise your pay-per-click campaigns, but also collect and collate valuable data.
Content Creation
We will write copy for your landing page that is bound to keep people wanting to know more. Thus, getting them to sign up to your mailing list.
Google Analytics Setup / Integration
We will setup and integrate Google Analytics. This allows us to collect and collate vital data about your landing page and how viewers interact with it.
Keyword Research
We will find the optimal key terms and phrases related to your industry that will attract reach customers.
Lead Magnet Creation
Whether it is an offer, some extra information, or a free service. We will help you create a motivating reason for people to want to have your business contact them.
Page Speed Optimisation
We will ceaselessly monitor and optimise your landing page speed. Ensuring it maintains a low bounce rate whilst remaining highly responsive.

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